Manufacturing Cost Analyzer (MCA)

Solutions overview

Manufacturing Cost Analyzer (MCA) is a web based analytical application targeted for executive level management of the manufacturing and CPG/FMCG Companies having production units spread across geographies. It allows decision makers to analyze variances, trends and details relating to business costs across different factories, brands and profit centers.

Business objectives

In a cost driven consumer market, cost leadership not only increases the market share but also improves bottom line of any organization. To achieve and maintain the cost leadership, organizations focus on improving the plants efficiencies, reducing the input material consumptions, overheads and optimize the supply chain. For doing all these organizations face immense challenges in terms of

  • Getting information on what is the usage/cost variance at granular level (at input materials level) for a product, categories or brand
  • Comparison of production unit performance (in terms of product costs) for the same product, categories or brand
  • Identifying the major contributors in the usage & rate variance

Infibidw’s MCA addresses these challenges in innovative ways.

Functionalities and Technical Features

MCA provides immense flexibility to extract powerful business information.

MCA has gotten the following main Features:

Functional Features:
  1. Technical Efficiency: for the selected period and production unit will be calculated:
    • Category wise
    • Factory wise
    • Item Type Wise
  2. Variance Analysis: Through score card, MCA provides following types of variances for input materials of products
    • Usage Variance
    • Rate Variance
  3. Brand Cost Analysis: MCA provides the quantity, target rate, actual rate, total cost for a brand in a selected period.
  4. Category wise inter factory cost comparison: It provides Category wise Target vs Actual rate / ton in graphical format and drilldown to the specific brand’s cost comparison
Technical Features:
  1. Ability to load data from Backend ERP, Supply Chain Systems, LOB Applications, Databases (Oracle, Sql server, Sybase…) and Flat files
  2. Analysis tools – Score Cards and Dash Boards
  3. Trend Graphs and Reports

MCA facilitates users to


  • Technical Efficiency for products/brands
  • Products usage/cost variance for products/brands
  • Inter Production units cost comparison with the help of dashboard, chart, graphs, trends and reports


  • Consumption of input materials
  • Production process
  • Supply chains (which production units should produce what and how much?)


  • Bottom lines
  • The planning process
  • Decision Making on Future expansion plans, product mix

This solution is mainly suitable for any CPG/FMCG company like LG, HUL, RB, P&G…etc. PMCA can be customized for other verticals related to manufacturing

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