Online Remote Monitoring with IoT for Water Distribution & Treatment Plants

INFIBIDW builds systems for unattended, long-term monitoring of water quality in many natural and industrial environments, including streams, watersheds, wells, caves, water/wastewater treatment plants, aquaculture operations, landfills, and processing plants. Our systems include dataloggers, and a huge variety of sensors and communication peripherals, customized for each application.

INFIBIDW Water Insights provides an integrated approach to water problems. We use advances in edge computing, machine learning, and predictive analysis to collect data and to provide actionable insights.

The sensors monitor and collect the required parameters. The collected data is then analyzed for parameters whose readings fall beyond the acceptable range. The cloud resources identify the parameters those are damaging the system. These parameters are analyzed and correlated against the historical data, and a corrective action is suggested. The end user is notified of the exception along with the corrective action via a SMS or a mobile app. As a result, end user can take a proactive action before it is too late. End user can use the mobile app to report incidents and to log corrective actions they have taken.


Remote Monitoring and Management:

Live monitoring of parameters via dashboards and mobile apps to get valuable insights anytime, anywhere.

Self Learning

Highly adaptive system leveraging statistical algorithms, machine learning, and historical data.

Sensor Cleaning

Our patent-pending technology enables devices to be accurate for an extended duration before they need to be manually cleaned.

Predictive Analytics

The data collected by the sensors is correlated against historical data vetted by the experts to provide actionable insights.

  • Immediate access to data, anywhere, any device.
  • No special hardware required, other than a modem at each monitoring location
  • Real time parameter monitoring using best-in- class edge computing technology, artificial intelligence and              machine learning algorithms
  • Reduces cost of ownership by driving down the production costs.
  • SMS and App (iOS and Android) notifications.
  • Live monitoring of water parameters.
  • Easily scalable: add additional station data collection when needed. Access data from any number of                   computers, even simultaneously.
  • Reduced IT requirements: no need for upgrades, transfer to other PCs, uptime maintenance, security.

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